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Ladies 12-Week Total Transformation Ebook


12-Week Total Transformation Ebook including nutrition, 12-week fitness plan, flexibility guide, trackers and MORE! Become a #gymbelles and join our community! Includes three phases that progress your fitness and results. Challenges within each week you can focus on and push yourself!!!

  • Month one, FOUNDATION, working on basics.
  • Month two, STRENGTH/ENDURANCE, is focusing on building long lean tissue.
  • Month three, BOLD & BRAVE, we focus on pushing your limits by lifting heavier and increasing the conditioning. BONUS: PEAK WEEK!

***Complete 12-weeks and submit results to earn a FREE TANK!!!

BONUS FEATURES: Trackers, grocery lists, fitness testing, progress photo/measurement tracker, 10 ways to stay motivated, and MORE!!!

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 The Program Includes:
➳ 100% Personalized
➳Available Worldwide
➳Burn fat & sculpt muscle
➳Boost metabolism
➳Re-invent your shape
➳Fitness & Nutrition Tracker Journal
➳Nutrition Program: Learn what to eat & personalized to you; RECIPES
➳Fitness Program: 12 weeks of effective cardio & strength program
➳Support community of women
➳BONUS: PEAK WEEK for competition, photo shoot, or events

➳BONUS: Bikini Competition Guide



This program was designed for women of any shape who are determined to become their personal best.


Nutrition is KEY! This program is 100% customizable to YOU. Everyone was created uniquely, so this is no cookie cutter program. I educate you on proper portion control, how to select your foods (grocery guide included), how to build your meals, importance of macronutrients, and how to determine your macronutrient intake. Ladies, you will be consuming nutrient dense foods to fuel your workouts and your body to reduce body fat and maintain/build lean muscle. There will be minor caloric changes throughout each phase to prevent a plateau in your transformation. Also, I have included my favorite go-to recipes & a sample meal plan.


I have divided up your training program into: cardiovascular, strength, & flexibility. I have given you precise guidelines and workouts to follow over the next 12 weeks. Plan an extra week to: read through this guide, prepare ahead of time your workouts, and your pre-testing assessment. Flexibility is one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness and one of the most important. I have included a full-body stretching routine. Flexibility is important for preventing injuries and allowing your muscles to have a full range of motion to perform exercises. The strength training program was designed to help build a solid foundation and then progress through each phase. Structured in a format to add cardio to your lifting for an extra burn. For strength & cardio workouts, I have included a workout schedule for easy reference. Keep in mind if you need help modifying it to your schedule please do not hesitate to contact me. I am currently working on a VIDEO library available to my members & those who purchase any of my programs. In the mean time, use the GymBelles community to ask questions on exercises & form.



Supplements are OPTIONAL. I only recommend supplements when they are absolutely necessary in your nutrition. Being healthy is a priority and I want to make sure that you are not deficient in any key nutrients. I support following a whole food nutrient dense diet and supplementing when necessary. In this ebook, I have included the supplements that I personally recommend and their use.

*Always consult with a physician and/or dietician before beginning a supplement regimen (especially if you have a physical/health condition). This is in no means used to treat/diagnose health conditions/disorders…just overall nutrition for a healthy body.


For my journaling individuals, I have included a meal planner template & fitness+nutrition journal.

This program is NOT just for competitors or those looking for a “bikini” body. No matter where you begin on your fitness journey this program can be adapted to your fitness level & lifestyle. But, for those that do want to compete or get ready for a special event (wedding, photo shoot, graduation, etc) follow the extra PEAK WEEK to prepare.

Additional ebook: Bikini Competition Guide…what you need to know before you compete.


Ask questions, motivate each other, share your journey. This group is a friendly and safe environment to post your progress photos, connect with other women, and hold each other accountable.

**Once you complete your program and submit your results, you will earn an exclusive GymBelles Team Tank!!!

AT CHECKOUT you will be given the PASSWORD to unlock your EBOOK.